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Midnights Cardigan

Midnights Cardigan

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Introducing our Midnights cardigan version 2.0 a heavenly tribute to the captivating "Midnights" album by Taylor Swift. Fans of Taylor Swift's musical journey will find this cardigan indispensable, as it is crafted with great attention to detail and draws inspiration from the album's poetic beauty.

This cardigan, which is made of opulent blue fabric, radiates comfort and elegance and is ideal for bringing a little bit of starry-sky charm into any ensemble. Shimmering silver star patches that evoke the ethereal charm of a midnight sky adorn the sleeves.

The "Midnights" album title patched at the bottom of the cardigan and perfectly captures Taylor Swift's poetic storytelling and artistic vision, is the focal point of the work. With a reference to Taylor Swift's ongoing impact, this cardigan guarantees to upgrade your look whether worn casually or dressy.

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Washing instructions:

Cold to luke warm water (30°c), wash alone as ink on the border could leak. Air-dry only. 

Please note there may be a couple of loose threads which is a typical of the production process and can easily be cut off.

Please refer to the sizing chart in the images before selecting your size.

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